Home-court advantage 🏆
Seein hella faces 👤
Off track train of thought 🛤
Bakery fresh 🍞
Just a splash 💦
Color outside the lines 🎨
Royal Blue 👑
Analog assessments 📼
The world is a jungle 🌿
Big forehead, bigger dreams.
Yep, time to shave. ⏱
Primary color 🌿
I had a vivid dream last night 💭
They only get better⚡️
Cherry blossom shade 🍒☂️👤
Woke up feeling a lil snippy ✂️
Keep yo distance 🔭
Food coma. #stuffed
Not strictly for the birds.
Somewhere in between ➡️😶⬅️
Time to turn around...
I have a bright idea 🔆
Self reflection is key 🗝
I see a bright future...
The beginning of something big...
Loud in the red zone

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